Bread Machine Cookbook: The Foolproof Guide To Baking Fresh Homemade Bread With Your Bread Machine | 1500 Days of Quick, Simple & Stress-Free Bread Recipes With Expert Tips From Readers


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Discover the power of your bread machine and begin baking wholesome traditional recipes with this one-of-a-kind cookbook!

Do you dream of baking fresh homemade bread, but you don’t want to spend hours kneading? Are you looking for making the most of your bread maker? Or do you want to try a diverse assortment of different bread recipes? Then this book is for you!

Specially written as a unique and creative cookbook for delicious homemade bread, this innovative guide combines seasoned baking wisdom with the tips, tricks & ingenious techniques of bakers from around the world to provide you with a stress-free guide to making fresh, delicious, and traditional bread with your bread machine.

Featuring step-by-step advice and easy recipes for baking a wide variety of wholesome loaves, buns, and rolls, readers will discover a mouth-watering assortment of artisan bread recipes from across the globe. With keto bread, gluten-free loaves, and recipes for the whole family, now you can enjoy the aroma of freshly baked bread and amaze your loved ones with the joys of wholesome, nutritious loaves.

Here’s just a little of what you’ll discover inside:

An Incredible 1500 Days of Sweet & Savoury Bread Machine Recipes That You Can Bake From The Comfort of Your Own HomeDelicious Recipes & Practical Techniques From Readers Just Like YouStress-Free Instructions and Step-By-Step Recipes To Inspire Amateur & Seasoned Bakers AlikePlenty of Keto, Gluten-Free, & Sugar Free Recipes With a Variety of Different FloursAn Amazing Bonus Offer That Could Win You a Free Bread MachineAnd So Much More…

With delightful artisan recipes from the heart of Italy and France, plus holiday-themed bread and plenty of innovative recipes to try, this Bread Machine Cookbook lets you effortlessly bake quality rolls, buns, loaves and more.

Are you ready to discover the power of your bread machine? Then scroll up and grab your copy today!

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Expert baking tips from readers around the world

Discover amazing recipes and techniques from the community with crowd-sourced baking advice from people just like you.


From wholesome traditional loaves to keto-bread, gluten-free buns and plenty of ingenious recipes with nut and oat flour, you’re guaranteed to find something to satisfy your taste buds!


Appealing Flavor

Imagine getting up in the morning and in no time making the most delicious bread for breakfast. Your family will be woken up by the inviting smell and they will be happy to start their day this way. Even the neighbor will want to come over and taste your bread! I suggest you don’t lend them this cookbook if you don’t want to never see it again.


For Your Loved Ones

What could be more satisfying than cooking for the people you love? What you prepare with your own hands that is enjoyed by them, that feeds them and makes them smile. In this case, the bread machine helps you achieve it, and this cookbook gives you endless possibilities. Conquer your crown and carry on your kingdom for decades!

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Lots Of Different Recipes

Now you can have a different recipe for every day of the year, with different flours to prepare the most delicious bread even for those who suffer from intolerances. Surprise your guests with warm bread on all occasions and holiday lunches. Thinking about hosting a dinner party? Thanks to this cookbook and your bread machine you will be the undisputed queen.


Nobody Will Resist It

You’ll be able to make bread so good that no low carb diet follower will be able to resist. You can always say that you’re sure it’s a bread that’s good for your health because it’s made with healthy ingredients. You will no longer hear your friends complain of abdominal bloating when they come to eat at your place: your bread is special.



open bookopen book


michelle j. hannamichelle j. hanna

Michelle J. Hanna

With her doting grandmother to guide her, Michelle grew up learning traditional bread-baking techniques and perfected them well into early adulthood. Now thirty-nine, she has well over a decade of experience and expertise under her sleeve.

Seven years ago, Michelle got her first bread machine: a Breadman TR2500BC. It was the best purchase she ever made. Enamored by its flexibility and efficiency, it changed the course of how she bakes bread forever.

Today, long after she retired her Breadman, Michelle is still riding the bread machine train — Giving time-tested traditional bread making tips, secrets, and techniques.

Thanks to The Fan Club Kitchen her cookbooks have empowered multiple homemakers and bread enthusiasts to create delicious bread from scratch, all while modernizing and streamlining their kitchens.

When she’s not working, Michelle indulges her adventurous side by going on hiking excursions with her wonderful husband in their hometown in Montana.

michelle j. hannamichelle j. hanna

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